The Darbи Foundation presented the results of the project “Bulgaria-Norway Sing!” on October 5 – a celebration of teachers around the world

The Darbи Foundation presented the results of the project “Bulgaria-Norway Sing!” on October 5 – a celebration of teachers around the world

The universal language of music brings children from two countries together

A year and a half ago, activity was started on a large-scale project related to the exchange of good practices in the field of choral and singing art between Bulgaria and Norway. This project brought together over 120 children to sing together on their native stages, participate in a musical tour, learn songs in Bulgarian and Norwegian and unite in the name of music. On October 5 – World Teachers’ Day – the beneficiary presented with pride and happiness all his activities through which his team contributed to the success of the program.

“Music is not just a performance – it is an exchange of energy between an artist and an audience. On this basis, we were able to “infect” the children from Norway with the Bulgarian magic that we create through music,” shared Mrs. Bistra Ilieva, manager of the Darby Foundation.

The partner from Norway – Frode Bart had an involvement in the event. The popular Norwegian guitarist presented his music lesson on “improvisation”. After being in Bulgaria for the summer tour and concerts of the project “Bulgaria – Norway Sing!” and impressing participants and guests with his solo guitar performances, now the chairman of Culture break borders, sent a special video message to all the children who will take the difficult path of a professional musician.

The main speakers were joined by Alexander Kochkov, longtime conductor of the “Bodra Smyana” choir. Mrs. Svetlana Strundzheva, head of the children’s vocal group Sweet Popcorn, also expressed her admiration for this large-scale project.

Iskra Milkova – Angelova, a certified vocal pedagogue from the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) California, took part. The vocal lady is known to a wide audience with her numerous singing performances, as well as as a vocal teacher from the popular X Factor Bulgaria format. She commented on the topic: The influence of music education on shaping the personality of young people. She shared her experience of how she came to an innovative practice for preserving the children’s and human voice, and how she is already working on training new mentors in this direction.

The event was held in the National Children’s Palace, which always happily welcomes and attends the good performances. A month ago they again graciously hosted one of the most important events, namely the telecast concert between the two countries.

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“Bulgaria – Norway sing!”

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