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History and education


In the activities of the project "Bulgaria-Norway sing!"
A Workshop was planned in Oslo, which took place from May 3 to 6, 2022. It was attended by: conductor of "Children's
Choir of BNR" - Mihaela Koteva, conductor of the choir "Bodra Smyana" at the NDD Alexander Kochkov, conductor of the Children's Choir "Orpheus" at the OP "Youth Center"
Haskovo Elena Tsvetkova, conductor of the "Plovdiv Boys and Youth" at CPRL ODK, Plovdiv
Borislava Blagoeva, conductor and composer Father Kiril Popov. His works are included in the repertoire of choirs from Bulgaria and Norway, which will be
performed during the summer traveling tour in different cities in Bulgaria. Albena Toneva, the coordinator of the project for Bulgaria, was present with them. The purpose of the workshop was meetings with Norwegian colleagues,
visiting rehearsals, to exchange experience in the field of choral and musical creativity in Norway and
Bulgaria with the main theme "Norwegian children's song".
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The objective of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the Financial Mechanism of Norway ("Norwegian Financial Mechanism", "NFM") is cooperation to reduce economic and social inequalities in Europe. Since their inception, they have supported the implementation of thousands of projects with the participation of tens of thousands of individuals who have contributed to this goal. Sustainable relationships have been built and concrete results have been achieved. Communication is the tool through which the public is introduced to the real changes in people's lives that are achieved thanks to the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

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"We are working together to be greener, more competitive and more inclusive Europe" is the motto of the EEA Financial Mechanism and NFM (2014-2021), which we use in all communication documents related to the financial mechanisms.

In short, it's everything we do better, thanks to Financial mechanisms. Using the internet will help us communicate consistently.

All communication activities are subordinated to this main motto. 

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Key moments


From Oslo to Sofia through the smaller cities of Bulgaria. The main activities and concerts were held in Kiten, Malko Tarnovo, Haskovski mineral baths, Malko Konare, Govedartsi, Bankya, Kremikovtsi and Poduene.


Classical, church, contemporary, fun genre. From Bulgarian, contemporary and classical composers, world classical composers, through church chants, to contemporary pop performances.

rehearsal time

An interesting moment of the whole project is that for the first time completely different musical choirs in terms of age, composition and genre repertoire will unite to rehearse together. After which they will perform several common songs on a big stage. This will be during the concerts of the summer traveling tour.