Frode Bart and his organization "Culture break borders" are the main partner of the project "Bulgaria and Norway sing!" BGCULTURE-2.001-0029.
Frode Bart, born in 1968, is a Norwegian musician and composer with an international career. Implements many projects abroad with many partners and organizations. His main strength lies in his mentoring skills stemming from his active participation and commitment in various initiatives and projects. He is a member of group/groups in Denmark, Germany, Brazil, USA, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand and Cuba. Barthes is also an active composer with over 400 registered works. His compositions are performed in many places around the world. He has received numerous awards and scholarships as well as a Grammy for the album "Going North" (MTG Music) in Estonia. Bart has contributed and released a number of CDs, attended festivals in Norway and abroad, and participated in many television and radio programs. He is also an active composer with an output of approx. 400 works ranging from contemporary classical, jazz, pop/rock and film music. His compositions are often performed in Norway and abroad. Bart is also a member of NOPA (Norwegian Composers and Lyricists Association since 1990).